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Toprak Restaurant in Luton delivers quality & delicious cuisine including Kebabs, Wraps and our special Sea Bass. We always try to do better and give better as we understand that giving the best in every aspect is what creates the best memories and experiences.


Toprak Restaurant is a family business, so you will definitely feel the warmly welcome. We pride ourselves on the best flavours and authentic Turkish dining experience, going way beyond the clichéd kebab that the country is renowned for.


Our menu hosts a number of hot and cold dishes, with plenty of lamb, fish and chicken. Many dishes also typically feature pulses, nuts, spices and dough-based specialities, with plenty of vegetarian options too. The food at Toprak is light, fragrant and fresh, with fragrantly spiced meats sitting alongside fresh salad, vegetables and cool yoghurts and sauces. The focus is on harmony between flavours and textures, balancing the hot and cool to create a balanced overall dish, as opposed to extremes of one or the other. Influenced by Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines, Turkish cuisines vary between regions but certain dishes remain key in representing the country’s signature style.


Whether you prefer eating in our restaurant ,taking out or would like us to deliver, Toprak Restaurant is the ultimate choice.


Our friendly staff and great service will make your dining experience even more delicious.


We also cater for all kinds of events including weddings, parties, conferences & meetings.


28A Chapel St,

Luton, LU1 2SE


01582 483380

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Open 7 Days a Week

12pm - 11pm

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